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We can arrange for a private jet to any destination.
Our Premium Aviation professionals will find a jet for you and plan a private charter
flight by any route to any destination at a convenient time.

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Our professionalism lies in the ability to understand the needs of our customers and offer best solutions.
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Premium Aviation operates VIP flights on all types of aircraft, both Russian and foreign. We can offer aircraft of any class and type - from Light jet to Ultra long - depending on the flight distance, the number of passengers on board, baggage, and your wishes.

Nothing costs more than time. A single minute can determine the outcome of an important event. Your chartered jet will be available within hours. It takes us as little as 3 hours to plan a flight on short notice.
We will book for you a business class or VIP lounge, fast-track at the airport, and VIP transfer.
Working with our broad partner network in the business aviation industry, we offer flights aboard the best aircraft from the world's best operators to guarantee comfort, safety, and excellent service both on the ground and in flight.
A dedicated staff member will be responsible for your flight from the planning phase to landing at the destination, deal with any issues, and organize impeccable service.
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Cessna Citation CJ2+

One of the fastest business jets in its class, CJ2+ demonstrates excellent takeoff and landing performance. Well-lit cabin with advanced soundproofing is designed in a novel style featuring luxury high-quality finishing materials. Flat floor has a depression adding comfort during passenger boarding and seating.

Height 1.45 м
Width 1.47 м 
Length 4.14 м

Hawker 900XP

Hawker 900XP is considered one of the most popular business jets. The jet climbs 12,500 meters in 25 minutes and can carry 8 passengers over a range of 5,000 km while keeping the required fuel reserve. Hawker jets have always been known for their spacious cabins. Hawker 900XP is designed to carry eight passengers. Hawker jets have always been the class leader in terms of passenger comfort.

Height 1.73 м
Width 1.82 м 
Length 6.5 м


Cessna Citation Sovereign

Cessna Citation Sovereign is the medium jet of choice for farsighted travelers. The cabin features an innovative climate control system with a capacity 37% higher than the competition. Sovereign's interior also offers an improved design of the ergonomic seats with built-in armrests making the aisle wider, better lumbar support, and footrest for maximum comfort. Good rest and enjoyment of the flight are guaranteed.

Height 1.73 м
Width 1.68 м 
Length 7.70 м

Challenger 300

Bombardier Challenger 300 is a medium-size transcontinental jet. The aircraft has established itself as the most maneuverable, roomy, and reliable business jet. Its key design feature is the all-metal wing without leading-edge slats and with flaps on both edges improving the reliability of the aircraft. The main advantages of this high-speed aircraft are wide cabin and unique comfort level allowing the passengers not only to work efficiently, but also to relax. Choose Challenger 300 to get a new generation aircraft with all you need for business and leisure.

Height 1.85 м
Width 2.19 м 
Length 8.72 м

Challenger 605

Take a look at the new Challenger 605's cabin and you will see why it remains the most sold long-range business jet for 10 years in a row. If you regularly take flights longer than nine hours, cabin comfort is likely to be on the top of your priorities' list. Cabin width is one of the factors responsible for comfort in flight, and Challenger 600's cabin has always been among the widest in the class.

Height 1.85 м
Width 2.49 м 
Length 8.66 м

Legacy 650

Boasts unbeatable in its class cabin and baggage compartment dimensions. Embraer Legacy 650 can take on board up to 13 passengers. Its spacious cabin makes even long-distance flights enjoyable, which is one of the factors behind the exceptional demand for the current model.

Height 1.82 м
Width 2.1 м 
Length 12.94 м








Global 6000

Bombardier Global 5000 ranks among the world's best business jets. It epitomizes passenger comfort. Maximum flight time over 13 hours allows Bombardier Global 6000 to operate across time zones, oceans, and continents. Be it from London to Shanghai, from Paris to Miami, or from Moscow to New-York - Bombardier Global 6000 will take you to any destination on the planet, whether on business or for pleasure.

Height 1.91 м
Width 2.49 м 
Length 14.7 м

Gulfstream G-550

Gulfstream G550 is a large-cabin, ultra-long-range business jet. Its cabin combines highly efficient planning of work and rest areas and exceptional comfort. The cabin features up to four separate rest areas with independent climate control and 12 interior layout options accommodating up to 18 passengers. In flight, the multiple communication links included as a standard feature - fax, printer, Wi-Fi, and satellite - keep you connected with the head office. 

Height 1.91 м
Width 2.49 м 
Length 14.7 м